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Hello from your Transfer Student Representative!

Welcome Bruin Transfers!

My name is Herman Luis Chavez and I am honored to serve as your Transfer Student Representative for the 2021-2022 school year. I transferred from Colorado State University and am double majoring in Ethnomusicology and Comparative Literature. 

I acknowledge your resilience and hard work in pursuing your academic goals at UCLA—transferring takes determination, passion, and growth. To me, being a transfer student means redefining what a college student looks like: when you come to UCLA, you have the opportunity to do just that. As a transfer, you are breaking boundaries. Transfer students write their own narratives, and I know you bring much-needed perspectives to our community at UCLA. The transfer community is so beautifully diverse—we all take different paths to arrive at UCLA, but once we get here, we can take advantage of the dozens of academic, research, education, and advocacy opportunities that allow us to follow our often-specialized interests into the multiplicity of our career paths. My goal as your TSR is to honor and support your identities and support so that you may have an equitable experience as a UCLA student.

My campaign ran on transparency, representation, and accountability. We intend to tackle issues that are directly impacting the transfer community while promoting accessibility and inclusion within different spaces on campus. The overall goal is to increase transfer representation across campus to properly support and address transfer-specific needs as well as diversify these spaces that weren’t created with transfers in mind.

As we begin this year in the continuing throes of the pandemic, I am focused on ensuring that transfers have a supportive transition back to campus and that we continue to encourage safety and community at UCLA, whether we’re at Royce or at home. Stay safe, transfers—we are Bruin Strong!

In Strength & Solidarity,

Herman Luis Chavez

2021-2022 USAC Transfer Student Representative


News & Updates

The Important Stuff

Stay informed of the Office of the Transfer Student Representative’s latest updates. From important announcements to information about upcoming events, this is where you’ll find the most relevant information from your TSR, our office community, and transfer advocacy across and beyond campus.

Transfer Awareness Trainings

Request a Transfer Awareness Training from our office! If you believe your club, classroom, office, or even friend group could be more transfer inclusive, this dialogue-centered training will teach you about our transfer community and give you the tools to understand transfers at UCLA and beyond.

Transparency Reports

This year, our office will publish two types of transparency reports. You can read Herman’s weekly written reports to Council as well as our quarterly reports that summarize our long-term progress.

Transfer Student Representative Office Hours

Herman holds office hours to the public to answer any questions that transfer students may have about UCLA, that community members may have about transfers, or to address issues affecting the transfer community that you may want to bring to the office’s attention. To address our hybrid campus situation, Herman will hold two types of office hours:

Tuesdays & Thursdays from 11AM - 12 PM: Virtual Office Hours on Zoom