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Office of the Transfer Student Representative

The position of Transfer Student Representative was created in 2014 through the advocacy of the transfer community. With the advocacy of the Transfer Leadership Coalition (TLC) and the support of the transfer-friendly departments, the referendum to create this position in student government passed. The office stands as a symbol of the power transfers have at UCLA.

The office of the Transfer Student Representative is one of 15 offices under the Undergraduate Student Association (USA). Student officers and commissioners under USAC are members elected by their student body to participate in Council deliberations that affect the undergraduate student population. For more information about USAC and its structure please click here.

The role of the Transfer Student Representative is to be the voice that represents the undergraduate transfer student population. The office is meant to address the collective needs of the transfer student body and ensure those needs are met by the administration. 



True Bruin Transfer Experience

COVID-19 has destabilized the way students are used to learning, especially for incoming and returning transfer students. Our goal is to provide these students with a secure return to in-person learning, a vibrant social life, and overall True Bruin experience. Our goals include:

  • Expand summer programming to facilitate transfer transitions into the school year

  • Emphasize Traditions Keeper transfer pathway, creating a year-long system so that students can graduate w/ their Traditions Keeper medals at commencement

  • Familiarize transfers to UCLA and Westwood life through social events & information series

  • Develop and host workshops & information campaigns on the coursework experience differences between online & in-person learning to prevent Transfer Shock

  • Continue providing virtual social/academic connections for students who are still distance-learning

Elevate Transfer Voices

To elevate Transfer Voices on campus, it is critical that the office supports allyship initiatives, transfer leadership outside of the Transfer Triad, and overall UC reform to make the needs of transfer students heard. Being the most diverse community on campus, the transfer student body consists of first generation and low income students, students with dependents, veterans, formerly incarcerated or system-impacted students, and so many other student identities that deserve to have their needs addressed with proper solutions that UCLA can provide. We deserve recognition and support of our backgrounds and abilities through the following goals:

  • Institutionalize Transfer Awareness Trainings through collaborative work with the Transfer Triad and other campus leaders. This will be a comprehensive curriculum about Changing the Culture at UCLA that will always fall under the auspices and control of students.

  • Create a Transfer Ally Network that allows organizations, departments, advisory boards, and the like to offer leadership positions to transfers

  • Collaborate with UCSA and other transfer leaders across the University of California to share UCLA’s transfer advocacy to other UC campuses, especially schools without Transfer Student Representative positions

Dismantling Barriers

It is necessary to dismantle the institutional barriers to access for underserved transfers, including all types of pre-transfers, transfers experiencing need insecurity, and academically underrepresented transfers. Transfer students experience barriers to access at a disproportionate rate, both before they transfer and while they are at UCLA. In the transition to in person learning, the office cannot forget about transfers with disabilities, commuter transfers, and other transfer students that may experience added barriers to access as we transition out of the pandemic. To Dismantle Barriers, we aim to:

  • Expand Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) to include UCLA

  • Ensure that Basic Needs are still being provided for transfers

  • Include the diverse academic perspectives and needs of South Campus, School of Music, School of Arts and Architecture, School of Engineering, School of Theater, Film and Television, Luskin School of Public Affairs, and School of Nursing transfers in TSR leadership & advocacy efforts

  • Conduct outreach to California Community Colleges not currently served by CCCP & with low UCLA transfer numbers to demystify the transfer process

  • Modify online transfer information to include specific sections for UC, four-year, & out-of-state transfers w/ different admissions criteria than CC students


Office Structure

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